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We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to providing education. For this reason, we only make cutting-edge curricula that will give our students the solid foundation they need in climbing the success ladder. We can partner with you to create a degree-granting and/or certificate-awarding academic program that fits your needs and goals. All of these are geared toward the fulfillment of our mission—to advance international education.

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We find great joy in sharing our knowledge with our students. To ensure that we don’t compromise the quality of education we provide, all of our team members continually find ways to improve themselves, even though they are already experts in their respective fields. Because we have diverse knowledge and experience, we can create different programs tailored to our clients’ needs.

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We respect and respond to our vibrant, diverse world and those who wish to educate and learn from it. Instead of viewing cultural differences as a hindrance to achieve our goals, we use them as tools to help us see things on varying perspectives.

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We have experienced firsthand that the best results come from collective wisdom. When you choose us, trust that we’ll strive to help you reach your goals. We are excellent, passionate, and innovative, and we are committed to delivering high-quality work to our clients. Aside from that, we are also known for our strong work ethics. We will communicate with you with the utmost courtesy, respect, and discreteness.

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I have met Pari Shirazi as a student at Tisch Asia. Her determination and dedication helped create an outstanding educational experience. Despite her academic skills she created a welcoming atmosphere that made everyone feel comfortable. Her lectures were inspiring and encouraging to go for nothing less than to reach for your dreams.

- Uta Arning

Writer, Director, Producer,
Berlin, Germany

Pari Shirazi created a campus in Singapore that was unique in every sense of the word. I didn’t realize it fully till after I had left how inspiring and impressive it actually was. The body of students was truly international and it reflected on the stories being told, the projects being produced and of course the discussions being had. All this created a work atmosphere filled with excellence, which I have since not witnessed again. What made the campus so special is that it was fuelled by respect and by Pari’s ability to listen and not quickly judge. Understanding the actual problem and then finding a solution that works for all, not just a few, was what gave the campus a very comfortable and professional work environment. I can only say that Pari was the best president I have ever had and I call myself lucky that I experienced Tisch Asia. It was not just a school, but a community that was passionate and friendly, one that worked collectively, where the departments created projects together and respected each other’s contribution. The outcome was creative, inspiring, unique, and truly international and I miss what Pari created and what Tisch Asia stood for, because it was without a doubt the best University I have been teaching at so far.

- Thomas Paul Thesen

Animator, character designer, writer

Tisch Asia would not have been possible without Pari. Her vision , experience and care made it such a special place to nurture young filmmakers . With Pari , one is in good hands!

- Meileen Choo

Executive Director Cathay Holdings Ltd
Tisch Asia Board member and benefactor