Dr. Shirazi is a global architect when it comes to educational programming and has an uncanny ability to forecast not just the immediate needs of an institution but what should be considered for their future.

- Sabeen Edwin

Director Special Program Tisch School of the Arts
New York University M.S. in Global Affair
Writer, filmmaker

I have met Pari Shirazi as a student at Tisch Asia. Her determination and dedication helped create an outstanding educational experience. Despite her academic skills she created a welcoming atmosphere that made everyone feel comfortable. Her lectures were inspiring and encouraging to go for nothing less than to reach for your dreams.

- Uta Arning

Writer, Director, Producer,
Berlin, Germany

Pari Shirazi created a campus in Singapore that was unique in every sense of the word. I didn’t realize it fully till after I had left how inspiring and impressive it actually was. The body of students was truly international and it reflected on the stories being told, the projects being produced and of course the discussions being had. All this created a work atmosphere filled with excellence, which I have since not witnessed again. What made the campus so special is that it was fuelled by respect and by Pari’s ability to listen and not quickly judge. Understanding the actual problem and then finding a solution that works for all, not just a few, was what gave the campus a very comfortable and professional work environment. I can only say that Pari was the best president I have ever had and I call myself lucky that I experienced Tisch Asia. It was not just a school, but a community that was passionate and friendly, one that worked collectively, where the departments created projects together and respected each other’s contribution. The outcome was creative, inspiring, unique, and truly international and I miss what Pari created and what Tisch Asia stood for, because it was without a doubt the best University I have been teaching at so far.

- Thomas Paul Thesen

Animator, character designer, writer

Tisch Asia would not have been possible without Pari. Her vision , experience and care made it such a special place to nurture young filmmakers . With Pari , one is in good hands!

- Meileen Choo

Executive Director Cathay Holdings Ltd
Tisch Asia Board member and benefactor

This evening, I am going to a movies to watch the critically acclaimed and award winning film "Oh Lucy." A film that would not exist if it weren't for Pari Shirazi's vision, courage, passion, and tireless efforts in the founding of NYU Tisch Asia. Many build institutions to serve their own ego. Pari is that rare individual who builds things because she believes it serves humanity.

- B Mark Seabrooks

Writer, Director, Producer
Arts Professor Tisch Asia

Both Pari Shirazi’s insight and outlook...specifically concerning global education, was expressed in her creation of Tisch Asia School of the Arts, Singapore. This unique institute of higher education graduated many Masters of Arts students from around the world, who are having a major influence and a great impact, in the global creative arts community.

- Allan Nicholls

Writer, Actor
Arts Professor Tisch Asia

Pari sees only possibilities. Where others see limitations she remains open to a diverse world of possibility and works tirelessly to make her vision a reality. As a student, Pari made me feel excited to learn, extending any support necessary to fuel my artistic pursuits. Thanks to her vision, I experienced an adventure I shall never forget.

- Gavin Ramoutar

Tisch Asia Alumni

Pari Shirazi is a true visionary. The NYU TischAsia program was unique in that it brought filmmakers from all over the world to study in a conservatory program. The stories were inspired from all the territories throughout Asia. It was such a privilege to teach in that program. Pari was the powerhouse behind developing that program. Her creative input is a gift.

- Imelda O’Reilly

Arts Professor
New York University
Tisch School of the Arts

Making the decision to come from Kenya to a completely new educational experience at TishAsia was the best decision I ever made! I met a wonderful group of international filmmakers with diverse experiences, which greatly influenced my work. Both the faculty and students inspired me in many ways and made the learning experience much more pleasant. All these wonderful interactions would not have been possible were it not for the strong leadership at Tisch Asia. Pari took the time to know us personally and ensured that we were able to overcome any difficult hurdles until we achieved our goals. As an international student, I was able to graduate and come back home to inspire others through the love and light that was illuminated to me while studying at TishAsia.

- Zippy Kimundu

Afrofilms international, Nairobi

We first started working with Pari Shirazi in the spring of 2001.  This was a time when very few American universities programmed in Cuba. She had a vision for a program that would allow American students to understand the relationship between our two countries by exploring our culture and history through art.  She launched with aTopics in Cuban Arts and Culture.  This course commenced in New York where 24 students studied Cuban dance, music, cinema, theatre, photography, fine arts practices, and more, and then students took a 10-day trip to Cuba.  What was special about this course was students arrived in Havana with a rich understanding of Cuban art traditions which allowed them to explore our culture in a far richer way.  Shortly after that program, Pari expanded programming there to include summer dance and photography programs to a full-semester program where students produce documentaries working in crews with Cuban students.  All these programs have allowed young American and Cuban students to understand the point of view and daily life of the other all while making incredible art.

- Wilfredo Benitz and Helmo Hernandez

Directors of The Ludwig Fundación de Cuba.

Pari Shirazi designs study abroad education programs like no other.  She is dedicated to providing students a complete immersion into a culture in a way that is uniquely structured for understanding.  She does that by selecting local partners that are not only the best at what they do but an important institution, organization or member of the local community.  She also designs curriculum that puts students to work immediately interacting with the subject they study.  For example, for documentary filmmakers, they must hit the ground running to find a subject to film – she sets support up for this endeavor by forming crews that comprise local students thereby immediately setting up peer to peer learning.  Pari was herself a study abroad student. She believes in the value of understanding other cultures and traditions not only for the individual student but also for the country they will return to at the end of their study abroad experience.

- Annie Stanton

Executive Director NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Office of Special Programs.

Dr Shirazi's vision, back by decades of experience in running a world-class educational institution has been endorsed by the countless achievements by students and alumni on prestigious internationals awards and festivals.

- Timothy Tan, Vice-President,

Singapore Media Academy, Mediacorp.