Think Global Education Org.

Our team works hard to bring education to everyone across the globe. To make sure that our programs are relevant to our clients, we will take the time to study and understand their areas, cultures, and goals.

We build a unique curriculum for each of our clients. All of our programs are tailored to their aspirations as well as their cultures. One copy doesn’t go to everyone because every program is designed according to our clients’ needs and their backgrounds. Aside from that, we also don’t sell a name, which is why we have freedom in making our curricula.

You can ask our clients what made them choose us, and you’re likely to get different answers. However, they’ll surely agree on one thing—we deliver outstanding results in record time.

Our Vision

Historically, higher education was restricted to privileged countries with significant budgets, and this struggle persists until today. A person’s socioeconomic status still has a great impact on his or her educational opportunities.

We strive to close the gap that exists across all socioeconomic levels. To address this social ill, we offer an alternative to traditional educational channels for countries and institutions that value higher education but face resource constraints in forging relationships with American universities.

We envision a generation with access to premier education. As advocates for learning, we aim to give everyone an opportunity to discover more about our constantly evolving world. We want to make people see the beauty of living in a global community, open their eyes to our similarities, and teach them to celebrate differences.

We believe that an informed person can help change our society for the better. Through our programs, we aim to mold the hearts and minds of our students, and equip them with necessary skills in creating a world where growth is sustained, prosperity thrives, and peace reigns.


The underpinning of any great educational experience is quality teaching in the classroom, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring that this priority is paramount. To this end, David K. Irving, our executive director, has built a program that affords everyone an opportunity for a good education.

portrait of young female student at school classroom


  • Pari Sara Shirazi, CEO
  • David K. Irving, Executive Director

Board of Directors

  • Pari Sara Shirazi
  • David K. Irving
  • Jon Hammond
  • Pat Murphy
  • Boris Frumin
  • Sheril Antonio