About Us

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Think Global Education in New York, NY is dedicated to the advancement of international education and giving global access to students in their own backyard. For most educational institutions the cost of engaging an American university and forging a relationship is time-consuming and cost prohibitive. For students the barriers are countless.

We offer to bring you outstanding American education in your milieu. Your students do not have to face any barriers, no entry visa rejection, no excessive expenditures associated with living in a foreign country.

We have twenty years of experience in global education and an excellent record of success.

We always have our students in mind in everything we do. Because we are a team of forward thinkers with exceptional planning skills, we can create gradual, four-year curricula that can target specific learning needs. We employ a result-oriented approach, enabling us to position ourselves and manage our tasks in a way that will help us achieve our desired outcome.

We lend our expertise to different institutions, such as universities, government agencies, and other organisations. Whether you’re looking for ways to provide global education to the youth in your environment, our team is ready to help. We are known for our ability to handle the following tasks:

  • Providing cost-effective services to countries and institutions that do not have the resources to forge a relationship with an established university
  • Facilitating policy dialogue on global higher education
  • Working with partners to create comprehensive American-style undergraduate curricula in Liberal Arts
  • Establishing professional programs in Performing and Media Arts as well as Business and Information Technology
  • Providing teacher training in various disciplines

Our Mission: To Carry Forward the Advocacy for Quality Education

We believe in the power of education and its importance to society. It is vital to understanding our changing world and its interconnectedness, as well as the global community we live in.

An informed person is the primary instrument necessary to build a healthy, prosperous, and peaceful world. If we want to improve our society, giving people access to education is one of the keys.

At Think Global Education, we aim to empower individuals and bring people together through global education. We’ll bring the entire curriculum to you, and we’ll recommend the program that we believe is best suited for you.

We strive to mold our students to become catalysts for change in our society. By equipping them with the information and skills they need, we believe that they can unleash their potential and fulfill their purpose.

Pari Sara Shirazi, CEO

Pari has lots of experience, having been in this field for more than 17 years. She established campuses and created programs to make education more attainable to people from all walks of life. Because of her skills and passion, she has earned an excellent reputation with a lot of clients around the globe.      Some of the places that she had reached out to include:

  • Africa
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Ireland
  • Europe
  • France
  • Italy
  • Great Britain
  • Czech Republic
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Vietnam
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  • PhD in History and Literature
  • Masters in History and Literature
  • Masters in Education Psychology
  • BS in Geochemistry

Training Courses

  • Language
  • Novel Writing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Writing