Our Services

At Think Global Education, we pride ourselves on our ability to create curricula with effective outcomes. Even after their implementation, our programs are still making an impact on various institutions, continually earning them favorable results in relation to their learning objectives. We are experts in American-style education, and we can create curricula under the following fields:

  • Undergraduate Studies
  • Business
  • Film
  • Acting
  • Dramatic Writing
  • Dance
  • Theater
  • Producing

Many components come into play when setting up a successful educational program. Our team will work with you through two basic phases involved in the process.

Phase One: Research

Creating an effective program requires having exceptional clarity of where you are at the moment and what you want to achieve. For this reason, the first phase involves significant research. This includes:

  • Examining the local environment
  • Determining your aspirations for the program
  • Identifying the prerequisites for establishing a successful program
  • Pinpointing required resources such as teaching space, equipment, and other necessities
  • Exploring possible funding sources or government’s grants

Phase Two: Set Up

Once the expectations and requirements are set, we will then move forward to the development of the program. The principle areas to establish include:

  • Designing the blueprint for each program
  • Designing the curriculum
  • Developing the descriptions for each course
  • Establishing a progression for each course throughout the academic year or cycle of learning
  • Developing assessments and evaluations for class content, student progress, and faculty effectiveness
  • Providing assistance with faculty recruitment

Designing and implementing cutting-edge educational programs require experience and guidance. While we believe in the effectiveness of local management, we are also willing to help you as long as your organization feels it is necessary. If you are a local institution that is wishing to seek U.S. accreditation, our team will gladly guide you throughout the process.